This is Where We Live
by Vivienne Walshe

Winner of the 2012 Griffin Award for Best New Australian Writing

Winner of the FringeNYC Excellence Award for Best Overall Play

Critics' Pick Time Out New York

Hardened from a life filled with bullies, her mum's dead-beat boyfriends and no sense of hope, Chloe uses her sexuality as her armour and her weapon. Chris’s sexuality is utterly under-used. Always on the wrong side of cool, he’s living a very different version of hell. But when ‘Odd Boy’ Chris meets ‘Chloe from the Underworld’, an intense connection is formed. Suddenly, a different life seems possible.

Winner of the 2012 Griffin Award and the FringeNYC Excellence Award (for Best Overall Play) This is Where We Live is a love story that conjures Orpheus leading his Eurydice out from the underworld of small town hell, painted by Vivienne Walshe’s unique poetic language in this vivid, dark and inventive new Australian play.

Directed by Alec Fellows-Bennett  

Starring Shaelee Rooke and Oliver de Rohan

Lighting Design by Will Monks | Set Design by Alec Fellows-Bennett
Costumes by Jess Hardy | Set Pieces by Nicola Holter | Chairs Courtesy of Becky Walsh
Tech Management NYC by Artem Kreimer | Festival Support NYC by Kathryn Fray

Graphic Design and support by Ed Watson | Photos by Craig Fuller