Help us take the best Australian theatre to the world

Paperbark Theatre Company relies on a range of funding sources to produce and tour excellent Australian stories internationally. Our debut production, This is Where We Live, was funded largely by a hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign (full list of supporters below). For our future projects we are seeking funding from both Arts & Corporate bodies, but private donation is also vital to the continuation of our important mission. 

Alternatively you can donate directly to Paperbark. If you don't have a Paypal Account, you can still donate using your credit/debit card by following the links.

Private Support for This is Where We Live:

Claire Mercer
Ramesh Karwal & Suzie Rooke
Matthew Nelson
Christine Belford & Michael de Rohan
Sally Plummer & Richard Lowe
Harry de Moraville & Family
Leo Gordon
Joan Belford
Rob & Ann Murray
Norman Caddick
Cory Mayo
Hannah Mayo
Rod Nicholls
Daniel Herscovitch
WorldWork Ltd
The Exton Family
Kath Philp, Bridget & John Collins, John Rawlings, Rosemary Nicholls, Barbara Rohan, Reece Freak, Linley Belford, Ruth & Kelvin Prescott, Anne Ianotti, Lee Cook, Melissa Purcell, Ezreena Yahya, Claire Hooper, Sophie de Rohan, Victoria Coplans, Verna Blewett, Steve Rohan-Jones, Paul Mulder, Kim Durham, Zoe Blome, Jane Cormack, William Menz, Gita Karwal, David Shute, Ben Risk, David Smith, Sarah Allen, Grace Underwood, James Apps, Elicia Fowler, Damien Riggs, Nick de Rohan, Zoe Devenish, Nye Pascoe, Holly Newton, D Pumphrey, Ros Gill, Michelle Allen, The Sun Apparatus Theatre Company, Alison O'Brien, Pamela Kenney, Irene Chersky, Dr Rona Belford, Rebecca Bridle, Freya C, Helen Lacey, Kate Hancock, Fleur Saxton, Drew Rooke, Paul McMullen, Michelle Novoseov, Hannah Lee, Matthew Freeth, Carol Fairlamb, Andrea Goldman, Lenny Adam, Tee O'Neill, Aaron Parsons, Tim Murray, Christa Sayers, Marcus Palmer, Elizabeth Cahalan & Bey Dance, Imogen Aitken, Dale Scicluna, Liisa Pallandi, Jonah Willing, Marchia Abokie, Brian Rees, Molly Hanson, Charmaine Tung, Sarah Kenney, Patrick Keeler, Jay Ingram, Julie Rankin, Emmanuel Brennan, Glenys Badger, Eda Payne, Nicole Wineberg, Luke Harrison, Peter Derrett, James Keningale, Gary Owston, Vladi Shylock, Greg Stedman, Evelyn O'Malley, Charlie Vincent, Ursula Britten, Kate Clarkin, Thamer Jendoubi, Flora Ma, Renee Young, Daphne Gabriel, Jo Wilkins, Rose Bollard, Luke Murphy, Jielai, Rowen Mackenzie, Carina Trinh, Robert Sherwin, Chris Rigney, Dan Stanley Freeman, Justin Radford, Louise Jessica & Tree Shadow Productions, Lindsay Dukes, Peter Cahalan, Samantha Hopkins, Alice de Rohan, Elisabeth Bennett, Charlie O'Reardon, Ekaterina Stadnichenko, Kevin Liston, Daniel Ho, Ricardo Navas, Abi Lumb, Jack Wilkinson, Madeleine Leslay, Adam Barlow, Steve Rostance and the staff and regulars of the Alma Tavern, Bristol.  


Special Paperbark thanks to:

Holly Newton and The Alma Tavern & Theatre for taking a risk and giving This is Where We Live its first international home.

Assembly Festival and EdFringe 2014 for letting us stage the international premiere of This is Where We Live.

FringeNYC and the Sheen Center for providing a beautiful space in New York and honouring us with Best Overall Play at the FringeNYC Excellence Awards.

The Soho Playhouse for an extended season off Broadway.

Carol & Colin for their true Scottish hospitality and support.

The Kenney Family for homing us in Harlem in a style to which we'd like to become accustomed. 

The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for letters of support (Kim Durham & Paul Rummer), office and admin help (Julia Heeley), and teaching us to crunch numbers in spreadsheets (Simon Payne).